BONUS POST (PART 9) valentine’s alone isnt a stranger thing!!!

Happy valentine’s day to my single people and the happy couples!!! Everyday should be a day to celebrate love!! #lovewin



BONUS POST (PART. 6): This Is What August Came For

Goodbye August, see you next time….

August had been very good to me; I’ve celebrated my 27th birthday, the gate of opportunity I have been waiting on open to me, and I did things that brought joy into my life. It might have been for a day or two, but those moments I won’t be taking for granted. Somehow the moments of sadness I’ve dwell on, seem to be pointless. I can’t foresee what’s coming up next, but I will keeps reminding myself…. after the storm, the sunshine isn’t far away. So for the time being, I will take what August has given me and make lemonade out of it!!!

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I Love Grimm; their storytelling is unique…. I found their opening quotes to be funny, curious, and different.

So here the quotes from season one; Episodes Thirteen through Sixteen!!!  ….to continued

01×13: “For me there are neither locks nor bolts, whatsoever I desire is mine.

01×14: “Said the dragon, ‘Many knights have left their lives here, I shall soon have an end for you, too,’ and he breathed fire out of seven jaws.

01×15:  “Soon he was so in love with the witch’s daughter that he could think of nothing else. He lived by the light of her eyes and gladly did whatever she asked.

01×16: “Sing my precious little golden bird, sing! I have hung my golden slipper around your neck.