My Heart Bleeds Green

These words are cutting me from the inside. I see ugly and I understand what it means to stand from the outside looking in. I understand why the weather changes moods, and why we feel like crying when we hear a sad song.

My heart beats with no Flo, I take the agony within. I see the day turn darker, while midnight last an eternity. I feel like our pain is somebodies pleasure, while our happiness is their misery. I see you rise, but how high. I see you fall, but how hard. Ignorants is ugly, I understand where your coming from. I won’t judge you, because inside you still think like a child who doesn’t know between just or unjust. I had saw the kind of food your parents were feeding you, that’s why you can’t beg the difference between bitter or sweet. I believe you think your way is right, there is no but in that. I could tell a long the way someone is crazy, but who??


Exhale (the world)

The world has its hand on our throat, we fight for our life hoping we have enough strength to survive. I see the dirt the world throws at us, some of us mange to watch ourselves and move on, while others find no need to fight back. I see the block the world puts in front of you every time you try to hold your head high, but the world says you are not good enough to prove your worthwhile. I see the pain that’s writing in your face, still I see you smile hoping your pain will vanish.

We breathe through our nose, but still I don’t think we can exhale!

Love? (Part II)

Feb. 12th 2012

Love can be the best or worst thing that happens to us.

If you allow the sting your ex left in your shirt to chock you, you will hide yourself to make sure your hands never get dirty. When you truly let bygones be bygones, you open yourself into a fresh start. You deserve better; don’t chase away everyone that comes near you because you’re afraid history will repeat itself. Don’t allow the one that hurt you to be victorious; I’ll bet you they already forgot all about you, while you were crying yourself to sleep and pushing away the one that could make you happy. Love hurts, but the pain will be worth it when you truly find Mr or Mrs. RIGHT!!

Trust & Love. not all apples will deceive you!!

Copyright © 2012 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

The Price of Fame

I’m naked, did you get to see all you needed? I could try my best to hide from your sight, still my shadow will show where I’ am. My pain brings a smile on your face, my failures were your successes. I guess I knew the price of this road; it was the glory I needed, but it brought me nothing more than agony!!  I needed people to know who I was, but the flashlight knock my sense away and all I was left with was my stupidity. I knew who were my friends, but I left them behind and grabbed a lot of my enemies that just wanted to see my ending. At last when I stopped to think I couldn’t walk away without killing myself. As I die my enemies weren’t shocked, but they still felt sorry for me, these same people were the same people that helped me kill me!!

Are you sure you got all you needed?

Copyright © 2012 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

Love? (Part.I)

JUNE 30th 2011

Love can be the best or worst thing that happens to us. People trust their heart with the one they fall for, believe the lies that a person could never hurt them. I bet your ass that person will cut you deeper than your worst enemy. They put on a show, acting like they couldn’t hurt a fly when their around you. Wait and see how deep they push that knife into your heart without thinking twice about it. How could you claim you love someone and care for them, but when it ended all you could think about is revenge. Getting even!! Make them pay!! When does all that love you had go straight into hate? Your love one is your worst enemy!!!

Love and Trust!!! Think twice before getting deceive by the devil, they sure lies good!!

Copyright © 2012 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

Love? (Part. II);