Now My Lover Later My Enemy (Questions Keep On Coming)

Why does the ex 98 percent of the time become our worst enemy? What does that say about the way we love? Were we in love or was it lust? When we say I love you, does that mean are we’re in love with that person’s flaws or is that something we try to over look? Why does a relationship have to end with someone being the bad guy? Why can’t the ex still be our friend, after all they were our world and everything we couldn’t live without? What happened to forever, did that mean for now? Were we in love at all or did we just need someone to keep us warm?

The truth be told all the hating because someone is still in love. Still, your ex doesn’t have to be your new best friend. They surely don’t have to be your new enemy either. People grow and have different wants, sometimes that spark of passion is not there anymore. We surely can be the bigger person and walk away with our head high…

Who am I kidding? Your lover now is surely your enemy later…

Copyright © 2012 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales


The Hurts Game

When we fall in love, we sync with everything we have. We show the best of ourselves, sometimes on our bad days we show a little ugliness.  We give passion to our lover. We cherish the ground they walk on. We show them we are human, we hide our flaws. We act like our shit doesn’t stink. When the rainy day is over! We become a nightmare, we show them ugliness. Where does the passion we had go? Where was the ugliness all along? Did we cover it with love?

We live in a world, when love comes into our lives we are floating on the air. We walk around with a smile that can’t fade away. We feel lucky and blessed. We see no flaws; we wait impatiently to see them again. When heartache comes, we see the scar that was there. We hate everything that use to make us smile. They become the devil next door; we plan how to get even. We turn bitter and cold hearted. We show everyone we are hurting and we want to get even.

Why can’t an ending be an end without destroying everything that used to be good? Why can’t we walk away without throwing a knife at the person we loved?

Copyright © 2012 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales