This one is for me, This one is for you, and This one is for us!!

You’ve read the writing that is fading on the wall, still you decides to forget the stain. You see the way others look at us. They know you’re nothing but trouble, still you give them a reason to look down on us. Their waiting for you to fall, you make it possible for them to watch us fall. Your parents taught you to be a better you! You block their voices, making plans how to be wicked. You walk in a path that leads you nowhere. You did everything your parents told you not to do. When things are getting hard, you’re blaming the world for your careless ways. You’re the reason the world is not moving forward. You believe that’s your life, you could do whatever you want. Get up and walk in the bathroom, can you do better then what you’re doing right now. Don’t you see how your actions are hurting us. Don’t you understand we all are paying for your mistakes. Do you think it’s fair, people think they know us because of you?

Are you the best version of yourself, or can you do better?
I guess you know what to do!!

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

New Day, Same Bull (Pt. I):


What do you think about this?

This world is ugly and beautiful! The journey of life is endless and short!
We take the little time we have for granted not knowing tomorrow might be cut short.

We say hello and goodbye sometimes forgetting which one that is coming out. We grow without improving our ways.
We have no time to over look the great things life has for us.
We stay in the circle that lead us nowhere and stuck in the reality of nothing.
We see the film, see the fairy tales of the perfection of life. The writer promises us reality of the real world, but it all seems like the same films we’ve seen many times before. Nothing is wrong with giving the audiences a happy ending. Makes them feel like life has a bright side.

At the same times the sun doesn’t stay out forever; the sky was meant to be shared.

What do you think about this?????????
Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales


My heart anguish, my thoughts are creaking to come out. Still I hold my tongue afraid what the truth will be worth. I see people guard their own, but they don’t think twice about exposing their neighbors. They hide their children, but will enter your house to drag yours out. They blame them for everything that is wrong with this world. They call them voiceless and no good people. They clap when they heard they are failing and not moving forward. They see the worse in them without getting to know them. It doesn’t matter how much they will swim, but the ocean is still endless. If they could erase them, the world will be a better place. Life would be a party! What happen when there is no one to blame? Can they turn on their own?

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

The Vampires

Users are like vampires ready to suck their teeth in you!! They wait in the alley ways searching for the perfect victim. It doesn’t matter how much they drain you, they still aim for more. They were design to be unfulfilled, suck you dry and move to the next one. No matter how many innocent they hurt, they feel comfortable sleeping at night. Someones pain doesn’t trouble them, they have no heart to feel the pain they cause. They walk through life believing eternity is going to last them. One thing I know for sure, life does circle around. Whatever you did to someone, you will pay for it ten times over. I guess after, they should  have to sleep with one eye open.

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales