It’s Never Easy to Say Goodbye (Fading)

Like an old shirt, even though it’s worn out still I can’t throw it away. It saddens me to know you are no longer useful to me. It breaks my soul seeing  you fading away. You had lived, you had enjoyed life, I should be happy you didn’t suffer. I know you weren’t meant to last, still it hurts when the day had arrived. You have left your mark on me. The rest of the world doesn’t even know you existed. I will carry in my heart for eternity, shout to everyone how wonderful you were. Some people might look at me like I’m crazy, I don’t care. I know you were nothing but love, you cared for others like they were your own family. You were a kind soul that made a different in people’s lives that came across you. Fed your enemies like they were your best friend. You would have took the clothes off your back to makes sure I got to see another day. Life is funny when you realize you were here today and tomorrow is not promised.

R.I.P. My Great-Grandma (Metilia Sien-Til) Unknown- Feb. 22nd 2013

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales


Who Lied To You???

This road is not built with gold, so you cannot pick it up as you walk along. When the day is gone, no matter how much you wish upon the stars you can’t bring it back. I know you wanted yesterday to come back. I could see how tomorrow’s problems trouble you. I see you are taking deep breaths hoping those tears would stop falling. I see you are pacing around hoping for a change, but it hurts when you don’t see it come faster than you think of it.

I know people said what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. You wonder would you be around when the time comes? After holding your breath for so long, tasting the blood from your mouth afraid of the price you have to pay. I understand why you hide behind a wall! You feel like it’s not worth fighting for what you believe in. Keep your head high and grab your amour. Don’t start the war, but don’t dare back-down when it comes in front of your door. Stand by what you believe in. Don’t allow others to put their mean face because you’re scary than they are.

Who Lied to you!! Life is a battlefield, so you better be ready for war!!!

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales


Life is a game, learn how to play it!

Life is not going to wait for you, you need to start walking.

Life is about being yourself, stop being a copycat.

Life is not fair, so why are you complaining about fairness.

Life is a challenge, but it will make you stronger.

Life is nothing but an empty shelf, get up and put something on there.

Life is about laughing, do not let the bad days destroy you.

Life is about living your dream, do not let others undermine your future.

Life is about adapting, stop being a hard head.

Life is about living, why don’t you do it!

Life is incomplete, you better make it complete.

Life is not destine, do not let others tell you so!!

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales