Some of us ask this question all the time; I don’t think we understand the question itself. What would Jesus do? Would he or she be misunderstood and judgmental? Would he or she make some of us feel like second class citizen? They call themselves Christians; they go to church and pray to the good Lord hoping he or she will have mercy on their souls. They don’t have mercy on others; they treat others like they have no right to exist. They think they are the center of the universe and people should bow to them. The question they should ask themselves; can I be a better version of myself? I guess if the answer is yes you know what to do. If the answer is no, you need to look at the reflection that’s staring back at you. Ask yourself this question; why do I have so much hate when I’m supposed to be filled with love? I’m no one to judge, but I’m tired of seeing people acting like their crap doesn’t stink, I know mine doesn’t smell like a Chanel perfume.

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The Fame Game

I always laugh when someone famous claims their going to retire.. Fame, it is a disease on it’s own. The more they accomplish the more they want, until the clock stops ticking your not going anywhere. People with ambition always try anything for attention, even if that means walking down the street naked. People will talk and that makes them even more famous. I’ve seen it happen; someone made millions because they said they were going to retire, even more for their return. They were missed, our world was falling apart without them, we need them so our day wont seem so depressing. I guess when you play the fame game you better be ready to cut yourself if that means your fame will rise higher than it was before. So when someone famous says their going to retire, it’s just another way of saying spend your money on me for now, you bet you’re a** I’ll be back to get what’s left of your change.

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Only My Heart Can Define Me….

When a black coffee gets on your white shirt, no matter what you do it will always be there. That’s the way I feel sometimes! I don’t know what it is about this world, it seems to define you without truly knowing you. It could see through you like a see-through glass, it knows what you’re thinking twenty-four seven. It know you were meant to be no good, no matter how much you try to make the world see you though different eyes. It already has its mind made up and there is no way around it.

Don’t allow your ignorance to define me, you have to give me the benefit of the doubt!!

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Dead Tell No Tales

I listen patiently, I keep to myself just to observe. I notice you jumping and scream innocent. You know the person that is on trial deserves everything that is coming their way. You put aside the evidence like it means nothing. You said you could see though the victim they were up to no good. You are putting a stamp where it doesn’t need to be. I don’t understand why you’re being so selfless against a criminal and heartless toward an innocent victim. I guess you believe some people have it coming because it’s the nature of life. Why should the innocent get any justice, when they are supposed to be voiceless? The question is; what would you do if you had a gun pointed in your face??  Would you say you deserve this just because that’s the way life is supposed to be? Stand there clueless like a dog with no owner? I guess even a dog gets better treatment than human beings, that’s the way I see things seem to work. The awful truth is better to be a dog than human!!!

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The Judging Game

I saw the news and heard the myth you told. You think you know what makes them tick?  You keep on reading an old book that sounds nothing more than a fantasy. You believe there is a price to pay when the almighty returns to cast all of them in a lake of fire because of whom they had loved. You think they like the fact others are looking at them like they are diseased. Do you think others that were just like them enjoyed the outcome; the beatings, taking their rights away, and limiting them. Don’t you dare tell them they had a choice, but they ended up choosing the wrong path.  Stop blaming them for things they have no control over, if they did don’t you think they would. Again don’t you dare make a judgment at anyone unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, until then you have no right to judge.

Who Rules The World??

Some people say money is poison, others may say it’s the cure. What do you think?? I have my own tale to tell. I don’t accept that your wealth defines you as a person, but I surely believe with enough money you could create an army. I read between the lines; people say more money more problems. I assume your problems were there all along, you were just to broke to care. I guess with enough money you don’t have nothing to worry about! Then you start reflecting on your life; you start to notice the things that were invisible. Money doesn’t have the authority to rule the world. Let me say that again, we allow money to take control of our decision making.

I guess my question to you; who rules the world??


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