The Revenge Game

Revenge is sweet, cold, and needed. That’s not the case for me! I don’t fantasy about bad things happening to people that had done me wrong; spread lies about me to make their lives better. I forgive them versus seeking vengeance. When they throw dirt at me; I wipe it off and walk away. I do it, not because I’m weak but that’s the noble thing to do. The question is for whom; me or them? I could fight back, but what would that solve? Nothing! At the end all it leaves behind is another person wanting to get even….


The Game of Life (Life episodes)

Life sometimes fetches you little surprises, will you appreciate it or will you run from it?

We allow our past to play a bigger role into our future sometimes we lose touch with reality. When we don’t have happiness we seek for it, when we do we chase it away. Some of us fight against our happiness not knowing why; did someone in our past stick that knife to deep in our heart! Did it burn that bad we can’t snap back into reality and see things could be different? Somehow we end up living inside our head, hide ourselves on a corner waiting for it to happen. We make sure we don’t get hurt again, we tight our heart tightly inside our hand so no one will get to it!! At the end we wonder what we could do differently only ends up, with no simple answer!!

A Dozen Roses

Hundreds of roses to pick from; all them are so beautiful. I will pick this one, wait this one is more perfect. I was raised to believe when something looks so beautiful; it leads you to the end of yourself. How could this be right, these roses were meant to be cherished. All I think about is how many ways I could take care these roses. I sleep and awake and think how my perfect hand will keep them so alive. Water them when they need it, give them all my kindness and maintain their beauty. The thing about beauty, it fades to ugliness.

Hurtful, Sugar Cold. Thoughtful

We all have the freedom to speak our minds. Tell our friends what a great novel we are reading, a thriller film that keeps us on the edge of our seat, or a TV show that makes you tune in every week to see where the series is headed. Where do we cross the line being honest or being mean? When we saw a horrible film and felt that it took two hours of  our life, two hours we will never get back. A dreadful book we keep on flipping pages hoping it will get better. A TV show that makes no sense and makes us wonder what the hell is going on. Do tell the truth in pleasant ways or be honest say this book, film, or TV show was just awful. No matter how you want to sugar coat the truth, again where do we cross the line of being hurtful toward someone feelings? Do we speak our mind and say nasty thing because we are that disappointed or do we want to be heard. Do we  do it because our life is that disappointing and we want our friends not to focus on us? Or do we do it to practice our freedom of free speech? No matter what is the reason, sometimes it’s good to keep the truth to ourselves… Not everyone has thick skin to grope the truth.


I have read your journal and I promise to keep it to myself….

I lay my dirty laundry on the floor so people can be entertained, I feel free showing people my imperfections. I don’t mind people seeing every part of me, because it makes me feel like I matter. I enjoy your feedback whether it is hurtful or good. I am the center of the universe and everyone else should be able to see things my way. I rule the world; I’m the master and you must follow my lead. I enjoy today like it was my last, but I don’t care what tomorrow brings. I’m young why should I be so uptight, I got to live life like I have no tomorrow. I don’t think my past matters because I take the time to throw heavier dirt on it. 

When tomorrow comes, can you take it back! Your yesterday does limit where your future is heading!!!