Hurtful, Sugar Cold. Thoughtful

We all have the freedom to speak our minds. Tell our friends what a great novel we are reading, a thriller film that keeps us on the edge of our seat, or a TV show that makes you tune in every week to see where the series is headed. Where do we cross the line being honest or being mean? When we saw a horrible film and felt that it took two hours of  our life, two hours we will never get back. A dreadful book we keep on flipping pages hoping it will get better. A TV show that makes no sense and makes us wonder what the hell is going on. Do tell the truth in pleasant ways or be honest say this book, film, or TV show was just awful. No matter how you want to sugar coat the truth, again where do we cross the line of being hurtful toward someone feelings? Do we speak our mind and say nasty thing because we are that disappointed or do we want to be heard. Do we  do it because our life is that disappointing and we want our friends not to focus on us? Or do we do it to practice our freedom of free speech? No matter what is the reason, sometimes it’s good to keep the truth to ourselves… Not everyone has thick skin to grope the truth.


7 thoughts on “Hurtful, Sugar Cold. Thoughtful

  1. Hi John !! Thank You for Following my Blog and I am Really Happy to read Your !!! I am always interested by Thouthfully People and yes … I am always love to communicate and Share with People Having ” Something To Say ” no matter the Subject ! Now , concerning your Post I would like to make few important points as adding to your sayings , Muy Perception of When and How the Truth can be said !!! This is a Very Complex Topic and takes a Lots Of Knowledge , Wisdom and Personal Developpement , lots of Life Experiences and Lessons and of Course lots of Consideration , Empathy , Compassion and Knowledge of Human Mind and Soul !! Feelings Too and Rightness !!! I will say that All Depends on the Intention , Situation , Context , Relationship , Similar or close Understanding of the Other , Level of Consciousness , Level of Education and not last the Back Ground , Culture of the One in Front of You !!! They are situations in Life that We Can Hide the Truth as it is Important for the Community and many times can Save Lives !!!! It is a Very Sensible Matter and takes a Lots of Right Judgement and as I said Life Wisdom and Human Being Knowledge !!! If we talk about Friendship then if Friendship it’s a True One , the Truth have to be said , accepted as coming from Best Intentions and with a Constructive Corrective Purpose !!! Truth it’s Light , Lies are Darkness but of Course the Truth can be share if Both Parts are in the same or Close Consciousness Level !!! In any Case , real friendship can’t be in Case of 2 people are Far Away in their Personal Developpment and level of Consciousness !!! Personally I am Accepting the Truth if Coming with a Constructive Intention – I can see it and feel – from love and with Love and a Deep Desire of leading one to a Better understanding of a Situation and also as a Support !!! In other life departements as Social , Political , Media even there we may have the Courage to tell the Truth otherwise we will never be a Support for No One !!! Of Course a Forme of Politesse and Diplomacy it’s Requiered !!! Takes a Lot of Knowledge , Life Wisdom to be able to To Deliver a Truth when , where need it and depends of Situations and people !!!
    Thanks a Lot for Inspiration and opportunity of Expression !
    Many Blessings My Friend !!! 🙂

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  3. Telling the truth in a non hurtful way is an art form that few people accomplish. When I review a book or movie I try to explain why I feel like I do about it and give examples. Generic reviews like “it was awesome” or “this book sucks” make my teeth grind together. I want to say “if you are not going to at least make an effort to explain yourself then don’t bother throwing it out there.”

    • I could agree more about that; I feel like a lot of people don’t understand the art form. They have an opinion but not fact to back up their feeling. I dislike one word answer; this was awful or this was good, I want to know why, make me understand your view.

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  5. Very nice!!! Everything we experience either positively or negatively teaches each of us who it is that we really are, and what it is that we will not engage in, again, if the choice presents itself.

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