I saw it somewhere said, “Attitude is everything, pick a good one!”

I wonder do we pick our attitude or are we our attitude. We all have had one of those days when everything is not going our way. We get upset and take it out on innocent people. We lose our cool forgetting we’re being study by an unknown person. On the other hand we carry ourselves with grace when we go for a job interview. We put on our best mask; we study what their going to ask of us. Just to make sure we have the right answer for everything, we want to win the interviewer over.

Do you decide when to flip your attitude from a good one to a bad one?

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales


The Person in the Dark Room

Welcome to the world where we all are an author. We hide behind the bushes watching the world as we know it. Wait patiently for them to mess up; so we can run home to expose what they try so hard to keep to themselves. We throw our dirty laundry in the corner, we focus on someone else. For the moment that might make us feel better about our imperfect life. It might put a smile on our face knowing someone else has it worst than us. Is that really the case? Does someone else have it that bad, somehow that makes our misery a little better than what it should be. I guess this is not my tale, this is your story to write. Why does it make you feel better to trash someone when they have nothing against you.. To be for real, they don’t even know you exist. They could careless if you drop dead tomorrow, their life will go on. I guess misery loves company, after all that is not my tale!!


When good things happen we thank the Good Lord! Life isn’t a fairy tale where everything is picture perfect, but it’s a circle of headaches. We have to grow a thick skin to deal with the unwanted surprises life comes with. I watch the unthinkable happen as my eyelashes flicker. Before I can catch my breath another bomb drops. I see others look desperately hoping things would make sense. They pace up and down; they end up feeling dizzy with all the crazies that surround them. They smile when bad things happen because they know tears won’t stop life from happening. So they smile with agony in their hearts. They pray or talk to themselves trying to figure out what’s going on, only they refuse to accept the answer that ends with nothing.

We’re so grateful when something good happens to us, we say to others something higher was watching over us. What do we say when a bad things happen to us?

No Cure

Ugly so the world tells me, beautiful so I tell myself. The world is filled with a lot of ugliness, sometimes I wonder if I need glasses to see the little beauty the world has in it. I could spend my whole life trying to find the worlds heart, I bet you I will come up empty. Still I wake up with the sunrise hoping for something different. Who could blame a little kid for wanting to play with his toys wishing superman will save him when the bully at the school pushes him around. Call me crazy all I see is the world has a lot diseases that cannot be cured!!!