In Memories of Trayvon Martin

I would love to think my death will not be for nothing. That is something that can’t be promised. So justice is blind; we all should get a fair trial. So I can’t complain when my memory is being treated like I was a criminal, while the perpetrator of the crime is getting a parade. So I should not be shocked when I’m looking down staring at some people throwing a riot to free my murderer. They say I’m guilty even though the evidence says otherwise. The only thing I might be guilty of; I wasn’t born with the right skin. I guess my family should stand by, mourn my death, and hope for karma. That is wishful thinking since the bible said God forgave the murderer.

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

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10 thoughts on “In Memories of Trayvon Martin

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    • You are right man, what was I thinking??? What type of world I am living in thinks racism exist. When one of the employees I work with asked my boss if she can trust me. When I asked my boss why this lady is staring at me and he said to me, I would be scared if I had a black person standing in my living room. Another time during black Friday when my boss asked of me to watch a black lady shopping in our store, when the store was full with other nationalities. Silly me! We have the misconceptions racism is just between black and white; that is not the facts in this world. Racism comes out in all types of races. Don’t get my words twisted, I know wrong from right and right from wrong. I know the world I live in, some of us need to stop and see what’s happening in front of them. I think if we all can do this, this world would be a better place. It’s better than it was 50 years ago that’s a fact, but there still people out there that have their heads in the sand.

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