Speak Now… It’s Just a Different Day

I don’t speak because I like to hear the sound of my voice; I do it because what I say is the truth. I don’t scream because I want to cause a scene, I do it because I know no one will. Nothing is new; everything is a cheap version of what happened a century ago. People lie to each other, husbands cheat on their wives, nations fight with nations, and people label one another. I hold my head high as I spot people dropping everything when they notice something horrible just happened. I study it, and then say to myself nothing is new. One thing an old friend told me; we’ll live to hurt more. Don’t be surprise when a nut job decides to do the unthinkable, because as we all know it’s nothing new it’s just a different day.

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Tears from a Falling Star

I’m going to say it is what it is, that’s another lie I tell myself so I can sleep at night. Everything troubles me; I’m haunted with the wrong that’s happening around me. I feel helpless standing there while someone thinks it’s okay to be ugly. I’m going to say that’s the way they were brought up, that’s another excuse I use to try to justify their lack of common sense. I tear up because it’s taking forever for the change to come. I’m going to say it has gotten better, that’s not good enough. I can’t lie; I do feel grateful because I know there were others that had it worse. So does that mean it is okay for people to be closed minded? Throwing a stone at others, not stopping to realize is there a reason for doing it in the first place. Picking others apart, maybe that will help them block the wrong that is in their lives. So should I come to the conclusion there is something missing in their lives? Is that why there is so much hate in their heart; they can’t stand to look at the reflection of themselves. Do they do it to ease their own pain? I’m going to say I hope you read this and understand you don’t have to hurt others to feel good about yourself. I’ll cross my fingers, hope I don’t allow the negativity to affect my day. Here I am wishing on a falling star. Ha-ha, silly I to think that star might stop falling.

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Woo-Men (Applause)

A man has to be strong, so I heard. A man should provide for his family, so she told me. A woman should be the head of the household, so we reverse the role. The women should be the one that stands by her man, so he told me. She’ll agree with his way, even though she doesn’t see eye to eye. Maintain the house, cook a good home meal, and make sure all their children know their place. That’s when the world was black and white. Now days, I see some women wear the pants better than a man would ever do. They’re the man and then reverse the role when it needs to be. A mother is less likely to walk away from her family. She understands the responsibilities her decision brought her. She would have sold her soul if that meant she could provide for her child. At the end of the day we all should take a bow and give our mothers the appreciation they need. She would have done it with or without your father.  I guess I’m talking based on experiences. I would love to believe our bad experience in life should better the person we become. Don’t repeat the mistakes our folks made, we can only hope to do better than they did. A person with character learns from others mistakes; the ones that fall short just love the misery of life.

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If I…

If I saw it, I’ll report it.

If I care, I’ll let you know.

If I said it, I meant it.

If I’m in pain, you’re the cause.


If I tell the truth, I’ll pay the price.

If I lied. I have a reason.

If I could, I would have chosen.

If I stay, you better treat me right.


If I live, I’ll do it for me.

If I die, I’ll rest in peace.

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

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Who Are You?? Vs. What You Want to Leave Behind??

We all want to leave something behind so the rest of the world won’t forget we were here…  Before I take my last breath I want to touch people with my stories… I want to do something that will make people rethink the way they see life, I want to make people believe the impossible can be possible…

In February 27th 2013 I watched FLIGHT starring Denzel Washington; the film was about Airline captain William “Whip” Whitaker that crashed a plane while under the influence. The whole film he was fighting with himself to stop drinking. The film showed the nature of being human. Some flaws we have can destroy us, even if we want to stop it could be a battle we might end up losing. Call it whatever you want, that;s what makes us human. The fact our desires could become our worse enemies. The film makes me question something that really is important to me. What do I want to leave behind? Who I am as a person? Do I allow my flaws to have a life of their own? Can I overcome them?

This is a question we all should ask ourselves. Do we allow our flaws to have a life of their own?

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

The art work I found it on google.com