The Art of Life

Life has a beginning.

Life is a journey.

Life is a question mark.

Life is a battlefield.

Life is a song.

Life is unwritten novel.

Life is art.

Life is power.

Life is fortune.

Life is pain.

Life is blindness.

Life is content.

Life is to be wanted.

Life is friendship.

Life is the enemy.

Life is to live on.

Life is the pursuit of happiness.

Life is to be loved.

Life is family.

Life has an end.

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Embrace it All

I don’t believe in fairy tales anymore, not because I wasn’t taught to believe. It doesn’t fit in my agenda anymore. I don’t try hard to fit in; it wasn’t because I didn’t want to fit in. I already know where I belong. I don’t allow others to define me; I already know how to define myself. I don’t say thank you when something good happens to me, when it was meant to happen. I don’t cry when something bad happens, when it was out of my control. I embrace the good and the bad, all of those things create my identity along the way. So I bow to life because at the end, life will happen the way it was meant to happen. That doesn’t mean I’m going to sit aside and let life pass me by without imprinting my signature so people know I was here.

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

Forthcoming, Ancient, Current

The future is untold, the past is done, and the present is all that we can control. I always try not to take today for granted!! I have heard people say, they will not allow what happened to the homeless happen to them. So where did they go wrong? We can plan carefully hoping the future might hold something good in store. We can educate ourselves hoping for a better job. We can put in our nine to five to have our needs and wants. We can try not to go around in circles, because suffering is not fun. Still I wonder where we ended up making a left turn that lead us sitting on the street corner begging for help. Did we plan poorly? Did we plan too much? Or maybe no matter how you plan, sometimes the future is not ours to control?

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

Bullying (When Does it ends?)

Some of us have the right to do as we please; the ones that are fighting for theirs are the crazy ones. When I said nothing has changed it’s just a different day. I’m not being bitter! I have seen the leap forward and I also see the human nature. The ones that twist your words just to satisfying their personal agenda! The ones that sleep cursing the changes that’s happening! They’re sitting in their office wearing their thousands dollar suit; nevertheless they have no trouble holding the helpless back. They feel they deserve the best, you should die trying. Their children have the world given to them, while your child can’t offer a pot to pee in. They call people like your child the taker; they have nothing to give back to this world. How could they, when there are people limiting the lines they can cross. You think bullying would end at the school yard, wait a second those bullies grew up becoming powerful men.

Copyright © 2013 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

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Bonus Post (Part.3): Woo-Men (Applause) the review

I feel like a lot of people read Woo-Men (Applause), few of you misunderstood the message behind it. This article is broken down into three parts. First part is talking about how the table sometimes reverses when the women have to be the bread winners. I don’t find anything wrong with that, I feel in a relationship we have to know where we stand. Are we okay with the role we’re playing? I feel that helps the relationship from falling apart. The second part is talking about how mothers will do anything that is necessary for their children. And the finale part talks about how us as humans we should learn from our parents’ mistakes. This is the reason I decided to add this part in my piece. I feel you could take the last part however you want to take it. One thing about my writing, I sugar coat what I meant just because my writing stands for more than one meaning. I have seen a lot of my classmates become single mothers, and I feel this didn’t need to happen. They lost their track where they could go in life. Pregnancy can be stopped by using a condom. And I feel a lot of the youth today is not taking this into consideration. They’re killing their future with a choice they can hold on until they’re ready. I also put my experience into this piece. My mother was a single mother; I know she did walk through fire for me. If I ever become a father, I’ll never be like mine. I feel this circle keeps repeating itself, we need to learn from others mistakes not our own. There are great fathers, bad fathers, good mothers, and bad mothers. I’m not blind, but this how I see it. I lived it and I chose to tell it.

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