Happiness! What is that? It is when you achieve everything you ever wanted? Or when you have the lover that understands you, a perfect family you call your own? Is happiness something you have to work on forever? Can people actually find a way to maintain their happiness? How do you define happiness when there are rich people ending their lives because they’re unhappy? They feel like there is nothing to live for!  Really, is that the case? Oh yeah; however there are people out there that would kill to have an inch of what those rich people have. How come the penniless found a way to keep on living? I will tell you this; they’re living life searching for something better. Not willing to except the way things are, this can’t be it. Yes, this is it. There are haves and have not, others fall in the middle. You might be able to change the way you live your life, does that come with a ticket to happy land? The question still remains; what is happiness? Can people actually find a way to maintain it? We can smile fooling everyone, try to convince strangers we’re happy with the way things are. That’s a question I’m leaving for you to answer….. What does it mean to have happiness in your life? We all might have an answer! I’ll tell you this, why can’t we live with the standard of the version of what you think it is? At the end, happiness is the ideal that has been planted in your head!!!

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Breaking News (Days 1-80): 1st Two/On the Road

Oct. 28th 2013

I wasn’t able to post my latest post on Thursday because I was in the road relocated from Florida to Palm Spring, CA.

I would have love to post… however just revisit all my great posts, here some of my favors, feel free to lets me know which one of my posts you like the best!!!

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Oct. 2nd & 8th 2013

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Sep. 14th 2013…

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Aug. 21st 2013…

Today is mine 24th birthday, I wonder if life is going in the right track for me. Where can I be 1 year from now? Will I have my birthday wish next year? I guess you will find out what I wish for on my 25th birthday!!!!

Aug. 17th 2013…

“Don’t go in the  entertainment industry to be famous, go to be a legend. That will define if you’re there for a short term or a long hall.” -Dawn Richard

Aug. 14th 2013…

Tomorrow post is title; Woo-Man… What do you think this post with be about???

Aug. 13th 2013…

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Aug. 10th 2013….

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For-Ever-Ever… Hell No!!! (WWJD VOL.II)

Some people perceive to be righteous. They claim they’re doing their moral deed. They don’t want you to burn in hell. The Lord understands their concern. They are the voice that is shouting until their throats are burning with mucus. Silly you, you’ve decide to be selfish. You do what’s important to you; you love, don’t pass judgment, and you stray away from your neighbor’s affairs. I heard a pastor once say; mankind was created to be nothing more but the Lord’s servant. You’re supposed to walk around like zombies, jump when you asked too. No questions asked! Those that reveal their ugliness said they’re trying to be Christ like. They want the gates of heaven to be open to you. They want to save you from yourself. If you think your wicked self is going to be in heaven. I guess the best thing is I’m going to hell. I would hate to be seated next to you for infinity.

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The Demon is You (Flame)

We all would like to think we’re in control of the decisions we’re making. We think if we smoke a little, take a little and I’ll be able to snap out of it. We don’t listen to our inner voice that wants to keep us sane. When do you cross the line of destroying your life or having fun? You might think you have it all figured out. Just once, I won’t do it again. Wrong! Our mind is created different from each other, what might end up being addictive to us might not be for our friends. We should stop and see where we want to be in life. Where this decision you’re going to make will take you; one day from now, weeks, months, and years. If we’re our worst enemy, why don’t we stop fighting the feeling and become our own best friend. Yes, a little that’s all we need to mess up our lives forever! No, is all we need to say to keep ourselves on the right path! Yes, we all need to have a little fun; celebrate our accomplishments. Are you celebrating or are you killing what you have built from sweat.

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The Finger Pointing Game

My child does no wrong. Everyone else is against my child. Wait a second! Were you there when your child was bullying their classmate? Did you do something when you heard about what happened? By doing nothing you’ve given them the approval to behave badly. Our child is the victim; they’re defending themselves. Sometimes as parents we’re blind by the love we have for our children, we overlook the obvious. Can’t we see what’s happening under our roof or do we just don’t give a damn how our perfect angel turns out? I’ve seen you stand by watching your friends’ children, gossiping how you’re doing a better job raising your own. If you’ve spend all that time raising your child, maybe they would act like they have some common sense. We need to looks inside our childhood, and leave our parents ways behind. Object to the mistake they made, enhance a better way how not to pass their unacceptable parenting to the next generation. Endeavor to be better than your folks were. I’m not a parent! I see a lot of baby machines, than there is no one around to nurse them.

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