Another One

The funny thing about the air you breath you can’t touch it, but you surely can feel it. Same goes for the wicked ones; because we can’t see them cheering that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In life we attend to ask many questions that end up driving us crazy. Does that make us nuts for wanting answers for the impossible or is that just make us curious? Every night before we go to sleep we recap everything about our day… We wonder why every time we take a step forward, it seems like we’re taking two steps backwards. When we were supposed to be celebrating, we are crying with sorrow. When we were supposed to congratulate, we are cursing with hate. When we were supposed to allow change, we are blocking it. I too wonder how many wicked ones out there are waiting for me to disappoint, not only me but the ones that encourage me. I don’t need a Ph.D. I bet you they believe you’re the fruitcake because you refuse to see things their way.

Just another thought for food!!!

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Breaking News Pt. II; (Day 82-111) – Happy Thanksgiving

Nov. 28th 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and enjoy the turkey

Nov. 5th 2013

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Oct. 30th 2013

I haven’t been posting lately, but I’m back… Like I said before I was on the road relocating from Florida to California… Along the way I decided, I should share my journey… I thought a shot-memorial might be fun… I started to write, but I haven’t made up my mind if I will publish it…

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I’m nothing more but an illusion! On the stage I’m not a parent, a mother, a sister or a wife; I’ am an entertainer. I’ll fulfill your desire for one and half hours plus. I’m not a role model; don’t except me to be flawless. Don’t hold my mistake against me, so don’t be shocked when I break the rules. I too do everything that’s normal to you. Don’t put me under a microscope, because I’ll disappoint you. Don’t shame me because I didn’t match the expectation you have for me. At night I have nightmares just like you. The only difference between you and me! I have the whole world’s beating their nails waiting for my fall.

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I’m Not Okay

What does it mean when people ask if you’re okay? Yes, I can see the wrinkles on your face disappear. How do I know, I do it all the time! Smiles so the pain won’t be visible. Bite your tongue, so you can stop yourself from revealing the truth. The question I have for those curious ones! Do you really want to know the answers? When you ask others this magical demand that makes you look human? Do you expect the answer to be “my life is a hot mess and I don’t know what to do with my life”! Are you sure you want to be bothered with other people’s problems, since you have your own affairs you barely can handle. I will tell you this, every time someone asks me this question. Fifty percent of the time I’m hanging on a string, but I hold myself together. Would it have mattered if I told them the truth?  To tell you the truth, life will go on and the answer to their questions will never be answered. Nope, I’m not okay; do you have a way to make my problem vanish? So think twice before asking me, you might not like the answer to your question! Oops, I too ask people the same question. What would I do if someone says “life is no longer worth living, I should put an end to it”? I guess we will never know the truth, since we all know people ask this question just to be nice.

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Who Should I Thank Now

Life is a cycle that keeps on repeating; bad and good things happen to good people, good and bad things happen to bad people. Does that mean I should accept whatever comes my way? Should I smile when I’m having a lousy day? As I am walking down the street on a rainy day a car splashes water on my clothes, and when I get to work a customer cost me my job. Do I deserve it if someone pulls out a gun, blows my brains out, than I end up in a coma or worse I die. Who should I blame now when my landlord wants the rent money I don’t have? Again, do I smile while I watch my blood dripping on the floor, because a fruitcake thought it would be funny to jump me? Sometimes I wonder what the whole meaning of life is when everything is out of our control. You can have the guilty ones walking down the street, while the innocent person is trapped in solitary confinement. Call me stupid, crazy, I need to blame someone for everything that’s wrong with my life… when everything is going fine I was told to give grace to the higher one.

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