Mar. 23rd 2014

I’m still standing… I know I haven’t post anything in the past weeks… I haven’t lost my touch of telling my philosophy. I needed to take a time out to rethink my direction of my blog and where I’m heading. I have a little surprise for my reader, hopefully when it ready I will tell you about it!!!!

Mar. 2nd 2014

As March 2nd 2014 I will be decreasing my blog’s posting schedule from three posts to just two; Thursday will be John’s Philosophy, and Sunday will be John’s Tell It, Famous Quotes, Breaking News, or Bonus Post.


The seed that was planted

My youth days have come to a closing stage. The fairy tales I was taught is nothing more but that. I used to be care free about the future, now I’m curious what is hiding behind the curtains. I used to see good in people; now I wonder if that was my own illusion. I’ve tried to look at the evidence; perceive it in both sides. I come to the conclusion some people only care about the things that apply to them. I’ve tried to calm my nerves down, not being mad about the little things. Somehow those little things add up to bigger ones. I’ve tried to isolate my anger. How can I? In the other hand, I can’t be the monster my enemies envisioned me to be. This can’t be the end game, but it is the end game. I can’t be angry at a child that has no sense of their wrong doing. I can’t scream at a deaf person; which only makes me look crazy. I’m refusing to push a stand still tree; at least that’s what my common sense is telling me.

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