Every day is unknown; that is the mystery of the thing we call life.

Every day is another thought, another word, another sentence.
Every day is another heartbreak turning into tears.
Every day is another puzzle we try to piece together.
Every day is another birth we need to celebrate.

Every day is another lesson of life we are force to learn.

Every day is another fight that isn’t worth fighting.

Every day is another battle that we need to come up on top.

Every day is another bombshell we need to worry about.

Every day is another body count we need to add up.

Every day is another death we have to mourn.

Every day is another sad song we need to stop listening too.
Every day it is just the same day with different events.

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John’s Tell It My Word on the Movie Scene (Part. II): The Gabby Douglas Story __ my take

This is a heartfelt story about not giving up when times get rough. A story about the foundation of fans is the people that were there from the beginning. I’m not saying I’m a fan of Miss Gabby; I don’t know much about gymnastics to care. However I find myself glued to my seat taking everything in. I came out with one thing I already knew; nothing in life is worth it if you don’t fight for it. Those moments will come with a river full of tears; but some of those tears will be for joy. As I watched the credits; I came to respect her as a person of motivation. She pulls out something that was there all along; if you have one person believe in you the road to your dream is much easier. Her story was well told, and I hope the people that watched this movie got something out of it like I did. Dreaming is one thing, but going through with the ideal is another thing. I guess that’s what make a great story stand out; when the story has heart, people can relate too, and makes us think. The team behind this production did just that; I know I will be watching this film again. This is John Tell It!!!!

Let’s not assume…

Let’s talk… everything is not fine; I won’t and will not pretend.

Let’s not wait… our passion is dying; the things that use to make me wonder are being lost.

Let’s fix it… we can’t allow our problems to build up; we need to do something before it’s too late.

Let’s think…what is the difference between then and now; we are falling apart and you don’t seem to care.

Let’s stop… we are building up our emotions inside hoping the problem will fix itself.

Let’s work… we need to figure out the problem and work on it!!! It’s good for you and me!

Let’s not fight… we need to appreciate this moment we are creating or end it now before we lose our identity.

Let’s start over… hi my name is, it’s nice to meet you.


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Nameless, Faceless, Numbness

I’m proud to tell you where I’m from, what I stand for, and the honors that hang on my wall. I have acknowledged those people that show me their gratitude. I find myself sitting alone questioning my attentions; did I do it for the praise, for the sympathy, or maybe life pushes me toward that direction? The sacrifice that I made wasn’t only for me, but everyone else benefits. I appreciate the applause, I won’t take it lightly. Others would have loved to share this moment with me. These souls used to be a friend of mine; ones that I laughed with but witness them disappeared right before my eyes. I watched their family break into tears when they realize their wishes weren’t granted. Here I stand motionless after the storm questioning the motives. Why; that is a question I won’t get a real answer for. Truth to be told it doesn’t exist; that is the conclusion I came up with. After all, the monster we created is an excuse we used to keep feeding the earth unnecessary blood….

Copyright © 2014 John SterVens & John SterVens’ Tales

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