Fighting with yourself!!!



Life is a battle we fight every day… sometimes we are fighting ourselves…
Fighting not to be lazy, because you hear that voice telling you, you can’t.
You will believe it because it is your inner voice that speaking to you. You have to listen to it…
Wait minutes, no you don’t…
You can’t allow those heavy clouds to takes over your path to greatness…
What is that you might ask, the idea you might change someone life…
You won’t know if you don’t fight to be the best version of yourself…


2 thoughts on “Fighting with yourself!!!

  1. I’ve always fought with myself – mainly due to overwhelming shyness, which translated into a lack of self-esteem, which culminated in a miserable existence where I tried to please everyone around me. My own happiness became worthy sacrifices so no one would be upset with me. By age 40, I realized no one really cared whether or not I was happy, so I forced myself to change and became – for lack of a better term – meaner. Now in my mid-50s, I certainly don’t care too much what other people think of me. My mental and physical health are much too important to make room for others’ satisfaction with me.

    Thank you for this one, John!

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