The Name is John SterVens, I’m a graduate from American InterContinental University with A.A.B.A (2010) and B.F.A (2012). I’m currently working on my first Novel forthcoming sometime in the future (TBA). I’m also working on two TV pilots (hoping to sell one to showtime or HBO, the second one to TNT). I’m currently living in Broward County Florida, planning to move to California sometime in twenty-fourteen.



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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. I particularly like that your prose flows like poetry in many entries. There are few
    writers who allow their sensitivity to be shared with the world. We need more. Keep on writing and continue
    to share your unique and thoughtful perspective on issues. I wish you all the good fortunes that this passion you have for writing
    can bring you. D.Phillips

  2. When you get to California, John, just remember: We don’t get hurricanes, just earthquakes. Any day less than 67 degrees is winter for us. Motorcycles can split lanes on the highway (and believe it or not, a bicyclist can legally take up an entire traffic lane). The cost of housing is 2.5 times higher than in Florida. And to get anywhere requires having a car and taking at least one freeway. πŸ˜‰

    • I already visit California three times already…. (I can’t become a writer & TV producer in Fl). There is no future here for me, the production is really small, plus the things that’s popping is reality TV.

  3. Well John Stervens, I will follow your blog — but I expect great things and I do pay attention. For instance, there’s snow in your banner picture — does it do that in Broward? Perhaps, you’ll do me the honor of a reciprocal follow. Although, that, is not required.

  4. Thanks for inviting me to follow your blog, John. You’re welcome to stop by at Colltales too. The beauty of our times is that we don’t need to agree about everything in order to establish a positive connection. Best

  5. Ya know who lives in Omaha, NE? John Beasley. There’s also The John Beasley Theater, among others. And, a few movies have taken off from NE. The cost of living is considerably less than FL or CA (I’ve lived in FL and spent enough time all over CA to know what it’s like to live there.) Just a thought …

  6. Thank you John, for knocking on my door and inviting me to visit your blog. It’s very deep and enlightening.
    Good luck with your career and hope one day your name will shine through! Just make a “wish”.
    You are welcome to visit my blog and feedback.
    All the best,
    Your new friend Nadine

  7. Hello John!
    Thank you for the invite. I am happy to follow your blog. You are welcome to visit my astrology blog.
    Best, Anand

    • I understand your point. I’m not from here…I was born in Haiti. However before I came to USA, I had the ideal America was the perfect place to be. I’ve heard people complains about life here when I was getting settled, I thought they were lazy people that didn’t want to take responsibility for their actions. I have since changed my mind when the same things have been done to me, than I realize this paradise might not be perfect after all. But there is worse places to live than the USA, I guess I should be grateful and watch over my shoulder while I walk. Run for my life like a coward if I think someone is following me, oops they might still shoot thinking I might be a robber. There is no winning on this situation; It is what it is!!! This big comedy it’s someone else’s drama. I respect your point of view, we all should be able to share our opinion without second guessing ourselves.

  8. I am pleased very much for the invitation and I just over view your blog that is very interesting. I must follow your blog next time to read all writings one by one. Thank you very much!

  9. You have some really good clear cut goals. Thanks for your invite and good luck with all of your endeavors. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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