Penny for your thought; word of wisdom

Every day shouldn’t be raining or sunshine; if you never had a bad day, how the hell are you going to appreciate a good day when you have one….

Just saying…. my word of wisdom!!!!


John’s Tell It My Word on the Movie Scene (Part. II): The Gabby Douglas Story __ my take

This is a heartfelt story about not giving up when times get rough. A story about the foundation of fans is the people that were there from the beginning. I’m not saying I’m a fan of Miss Gabby; I don’t know much about gymnastics to care. However I find myself glued to my seat taking everything in. I came out with one thing I already knew; nothing in life is worth it if you don’t fight for it. Those moments will come with a river full of tears; but some of those tears will be for joy. As I watched the credits; I came to respect her as a person of motivation. She pulls out something that was there all along; if you have one person believe in you the road to your dream is much easier. Her story was well told, and I hope the people that watched this movie got something out of it like I did. Dreaming is one thing, but going through with the ideal is another thing. I guess that’s what make a great story stand out; when the story has heart, people can relate too, and makes us think. The team behind this production did just that; I know I will be watching this film again. This is John Tell It!!!!

John’s Tell It Mt Word on the Music Scene (Part. II): One Hit WONDER

I’m curious what happened to those artists that rose in the public’s eyes, somehow they fade into thin air. You can see they had so much promise of being the next big thing. I can’t help but ask; did they lose their way or they didn’t get the support that could have pushed them to be an icon, maybe they wanted to live in the now. I know the music business is not as glamorous as it looks. My mistake, the whole entertainment business is tough period. I just can help wonder what happen to O’ryan (take it slow), Brooke Valentine (girlfight), Teiarra Mari (make her feel good), and so many more artists that seem too existed a lifetime ago. From what I can observe, I think people that make it in this business are the ones with vision, drive, and who are fighters that don’t take no for an answer. Knowing yourself and envisioning why you want to do this. If you want it for the fame; how long can you rock that boat? If you want it for the money; how much money is enough? If you want it to be your career; how can you stay relevant until someone else comes along? I feel there are two things that break an artist spirit; not getting the support to create your art and being broke while on top. I guess sometimes it doesn’t matter when you make it; the question is what’s next. This is John’s Tell It. 

John’s Tell It, My Word on the Book (Part. I): You Don’t Know Me

You don’t know me at all. You know the first thing about me.You don’t know me.You don’t know where I’m writing this from. You don’t know what I look like. Just the thought of these words makes me laugh, this book kept me laughing throughout the whole summer of 2007. My co-workers thought I was crazy, sometimes I thought the same thing when people stared at me underneath their eyes. The book dealt with a young man that thought the whole world was against him. As a teenager at the time, I felt the same way. However the humor of the book that’s what made me keep turning the pages until the end. I can’t tell you much about this story, but I know his step-dad wasn’t a nice man. I’m sure his mother was aware what was happening under her roof. I’m not 100% about this, but I think she only cared about her own happiness. That is a mistake some parents keep on making when they stray from there old partner and start over with someone else. I know the signs were there; the fact her son were being mistreated by her lover. The end of the book was well written, from what I can remember!!! This is John Tells it!!!

John’s Tell It, My Word on the TV Scene (Part. III): THE FOLLOWING, Why, Why, But Why Not?

The following is that type of show where the premise limits the art; where could it go and for how long. Still, that doesn’t stop the network and the creator to milk the idea as long as the viewers are watching. I’ve watched the first season; the first six episodes kept me on the edge of my seat. After episode seven I wanted to stop but I stuck around. Now I’m wondering should I stick around for another season; after all I’m getting disappointed with where the series is heading. The main issue with season one; why is Kevin Bacon character (Ryan Hardy) always facing Joe alone? Come on, how many times can you do the same dance? I have watched the first episode of second season; Joe is alive. Really Following writers; Joe’s ghost hunting Ryan should be enough to keep James Purefoy employed. In the other hand I thought the show already had its end game. I guess fox didn’t think so, so were 11.18 million viewers, DVR and counting. But the next episode dropped down to 6.02 million viewers without adding the DVR viewers. Some shows are meant to be a mini-series, maybe a one season show. And again, Kevin Williamson would be an idiot to say not to continue a show that not only pays his rent but also keeps hundreds maybe thousands people employed. At the end the show runner doesn’t have any say so; the network has the finale say. People like Kevin W. should count his blessings; because in Hollywood only 10 percent of pilots get to be shot, with the one that airs maybe 30 percent of them get to see another season. I’ll keep on watching to reveal what millions of people are thinking, but they have no way of sharing their opinions. Oops, maybe they’re not paying any attention to the underline stories…This is John’s Tell it.

John’s Tell It, My Word on the Music Scene (Part.I): My First Two Albums

The first two albums I bought were backstreet boys; Never Gone and Keyshia Cole; The Way It Is. Each record gave me an old feeling of my younger days when everything was simpler. My favor track from Miss Cole’s album is “I Changed My Mind” and my favor track from BSB’s album is “Incomplete”.

The Album debut at #3 on the U.S Billboard 200 and the single incomplete debut at #13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100


The Album debut at #6 on the U.S Billboard 200 and the single I Changed My Mind debut at #71 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100

I Changed My Mind;

John’s Tell It, My Word on the TV Scene (Part. II); Lucky 7

The first cancellation this season is Lucky 7, after two episodes ABC decided to give this show the ax… Which I think it was a poor choice on their part picking this show since they have other original shows that would have done better. Yes the premise was good, but I think other writers tried to write this ideal about a group of people that win the lottery and how it has changed their lives (windfall). I think this show should be a mini-series, a story to tell in three episodes, the most should be four. Trying to expand something like this to thirteen episodes even twenty-two, it was a recipe for disaster. Yes I am one of the people that didn’t give this show a chance. There are so many original shows, even spin-offs I would rather watch. Maybe they should have named this show Lucky 2!!! This is John’s Tell It!!!